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Welcome to Sunny Bright Learners

In-Home Preschool

License # 304312042

Here your Bright Learner is taught the pre-school fundamentals and age appropriate instruction in a loving, warm, fun, home environment. Since we are an in-home preschool your child will receive quality, attentive instruction because we keep our classes limited to 6-8 students. Small classes allow us to give more one-on-one attention to your child which is most important for development.

We believe that a quality preschool should have:

·         A balance of teacher-directed structured learning, creative expression and child-initiated free play

·         Activities that build academic skills at each individual child’s level

·         Experiences that are based on children’s interests

·         Small class sizes allowing for maximum student comfort and individual attention

·         A loving environment fostering kindness, respect, and peaceful problem solving

Our program strives to encompass all those characteristics.  

Sunny Bright Learners Preschool

50 Boulder Creek Way, Irvine, CA  92602

714-308-7146  Email: SunnyBrightLearners@gmail.com  



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